Light Scandi

About the project

The main goal facing the design studio TABOORET Development, in this project, was to reflect in the interior the image of proprietress - an elegant girl with bright red hair and refined taste. She is literally the embodiment of modern classics in human form. Her husband's wish was to create an "oasis among the stone jungle" - with a good bright light, a huge aquarium and a beautiful wardrobe for shirts and suits.






Kyiv, Ukraine

Total area:

114 m2



The client

Elegant minimalist interior with hints of classics. The interior managed to successfully combine elements of different styles. From Scandinavian - there is a large number of warm wood, white and gray walls, built-in furniture, cozy decor and textiles. Minimalism is found in well-thought-out hidden storage solutions, elegant and light kitchen, inscribed in the living room, and colors that are barely noticeable to the eye. Light features of the classical style added festiveness to the interior. Elements of the classics can be traced in the design of the walls with decorative moldings, as well as upholstered furniture.

One of the main interior solutions in a spacious apartment is chamber zoning of individual cozy corners. Each of them has its own special atmosphere. For example, sitting in comfortable chairs by the window you can watch the city. The dining area, located deep in the former loggia and surrounded by windows with daylight, has a warm welcome in the circle of loved ones.

The process

A complete dismantling and re-installation of the walls was done in the apartment, which made it possible to create comfortable proportions of the room, taking into account the built-in furniture. A minimum of space was allocated for the bedrooms, but the kitchen and living room were made spacious - this is where all the active life of the owners passes. To get a chamber space for the dining room, the loggia was dismantled.

The large kitchen and living room are visually divided into zones by color scheme. Primary colors are clearly visible at the border of the two zones. They can be traced on the facades of furniture and then continue on the walls. The accent color of the room is blue shades that echo the aquarium.

The result

The apartment is equipped with furniture of both Italian and Ukrainian brands.

The dining table was chosen from the line of the Altacom brand, the chairs were Midj, and all the upholstered furniture was made in Ukraine according to individual drawings. The cabinet furniture for the apartment was made by the own production of the TABOORET Furniture design studio specifically for this project, which made it possible to implement rather complex and unusual solutions. For example, create a minimalistic kitchen on the wall with stepped drops and led out communication. To hide flaws in the wall and use the space efficiently, each drawer and cabinet in the kitchen has a different depth and purpose.

Photo by Andrey Shurpenkov.