About the project

The repairs were carried out by a local team, but the repairmen themselves were from former soviet union countries, so there were no communication problems during the repairs. Our team periodically went to the facility at the design stage and during repairs. But in general the project was conducted remotely. This is a fairly spacious apartment, not only by Amsterdam standards, in which we have thought out in detail each area.




Early 2015


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Total area:

98 m²




The interior of this apartment was designed for a young married couple of IT professionals who moved to Amsterdam from Kiev. The main task was to move away from the usual Dutch style and create a harmonious, functional space, taking into account the different stylistic preferences of the owners.

The result

Only the lower part of the kitchen remained from the original look, including the stove and the hood. We have supplemented it with illuminated top drawers of our own production.

The bar with decorative illumination also was made by our studio and was designed taking into account the stainless steel table given to the spouses, which they wished to leave and write in the general stylistics. The bar itself was adjusted to the height of the table and is equipped with recesses with sliding doors.

The way between the kitchen and the living room is framed with a welded frame, which was also manufactured in Kiev and delivered already in ready form for installation on the site. It soon became a favourite spot for a couple of home cats.

In the living room, we focused on the wall with decorative concrete panels, shelving and sofas, which were ordered from The couple has advantages in style for each of them, so we stopped at sofas of different types. It is a modern classic. He is a connoisseur of loft style. Also, in the living room we placed a shelf in the form of a picture frame. Emphasized the effect of lightness with decorative lighting.

In the decorated bedroom is eclectic stile. The bedroom is eclectic. The contrast between different textures and elements of different stylistic solutions: elegant, metallic, wall frames in tandem with the popular Scandinavian chandelier.

The walls at the head of the bed are decorated with a classic decorative molding in combination with concrete wallpaper. Curtains were ordered from Kiev.

Bath and toilet are separate. All communications were already prepared, so we decided not to interfere with the already existing reliable communications. We refreshed the seamless grout on the original tiles and painted the walls and ceiling a navy blue.

Photo by Andriy Shurpenkov

Customer feedback

‘Working with Dan was seamless and fun. Dan's skill is that he aligns cutting edge and practical design whilst ensuring the end result meets the clients requirements...he listens!’

—Paul Tucker, Brighton East