About the project

The project of an apartment designed for a young man in the GOGOL club house. The implementation was carried out practically without participation of the owners. The interior turned out to be austere, masculine, balanced in colors.




Early 2019


Kyiv, Ukraine

Total area:

82 m²



The client

The owner of the apartment likes to cook and learn how to cook like a professional. One of the tasks was to create a comfortable and multifunctional kitchen area.

Th process

The apartment was remodeled, which allowed more efficient use of space. On the site of a long non-functional corridor there was a guest bathroom and a niche for a large cupboard opposite the front door.

The private area of the apartment includes a bedroom, a separate bathroom, a work place, wardrobes for everyday clothes and an additional recreational area on the heated balcony.

The kitchen is accent zone of the apartment. They installed a large and practical kitchen set with a large storage space and a complete set of built-in equipment. The kitchen island is also a dining area.

The result

The finishing use durable materials. The walls under the tree in the corridor and the kitchen are made of HPL panels, and at the front door are made of kermogoranite. The accent walls and ceiling fragments in the living room and bedroom are made in decorative plaster for concrete. All other walls are prepared for painting.

Photo by Andrey Shurpenkov

Customer feedback

‘Working with Dan was seamless and fun. Dan's skill is that he aligns cutting edge and practical design whilst ensuring the end result meets the clients requirements...he listens!’

—Paul Tucker, Brighton East