About the project

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling  is a social technology research company that provides social communications services.

The interior has been designed in a Scandinavian style. Total area of 212 sq. there is a lecture area, a waiting area for clients and 5 offices.


Institute of Cognitive Modeling




Predslavinska street, 40. Kyiv. Ukraine

Total area:

212 m²




The Institute conducts sociological research, conducts research in the field of social psychology, develops educational and psychotherapeutic products in corporate psychology, conducts sessions of individual therapy and the body is conducting author's lectures. Institute of cognitive modeling is a research therapeutic space that also functions as an educational platform. Experts of the Institute provide advice on the strategy of image formation, public positioning and digital technologies. 


Our mission was to make cozy and homely interiors so that people who come to see a psychotherapist feel calm like a home environment.  We zoned and planned the space so that group communication was productive and privacy was comfortable. 

The natural colors in the interior and comfortable furniture create a relaxed atmosphere for all visitors to the institute. Lectures on mental health are always attended by a large audience. And it is not surprising: among the dominance of training "successful success" and "get up and go", a scientifically grounded approach translated into a language accessible to a wide audience is a rarity.


The project was completed in 52 working days. Due to the absence of edits in the project, we managed to optimize the estimate as much as possible and calculate all the implementation terms. The institute is fully functioning and pleases its guests and employees with its comfort.

Photo by Andrey Shurpenkov