Matveeva Fine Garment

About the project

The interior "Matveeva fine garment", located in the shopping space in Vozdvizhenka area. This is the first showroom in Kyiv who brought  under one roof Ukrainian designers together. Сreated by TABOORET Development design studio with great love for the brand's.


Сlothing store


Kozhemyatskaya street 12G. Kyiv. Ukraine

Total area:

20 m²



The client

Matveeva Fine Garment is a Ukrainian brand created by 2 people - Sonya Matveeva and Denis Trepakov. Sonya is a fashion designer. Denis is a photographer, accessories designer and brand art director. The creative tandem is best known as a manufacturer of outerwear. The designers themselves do not identify themselves with a particular style, although clients call it "new gothic" and "grunge chic".

The concept of a small accommodation was designed according to the model and style of the presented garment. Geometric forms, monochrome gamma this is mainly used designer for work.


Working with space in this interior was based on the visual expansion of its boundaries. One of the walls was made completely mirrored, and the ceiling was painted black. Efficiently using a small area and at the same time avoiding the feeling of cramped space, we have designed and manufactured in our workshop air suspended ceiling structures made of metal, on which hangers with clothes are placed.


Other interior details were worked out in the same style. For example, a stand for accessories. It also features a sleek metal structure with compact shelves. The mirror repeats the outlines of the stand for accessories.

The wall opposite the mirror one is decorated with textiles that cover a niche used as a place for storage. The lighting of the space is solved with the help of mobile spots, allowing you to create the necessary accents. Behind the metal structures, in which black threads are stretched, communications are hidden. Their shape repeats the outlines of hangers, a mirror and a stand with accessories.

The "M" logo - is made of burnt plywood.