L’Oréal office

About the project

The new office designed for L'Oréal Ukraine is a multifunctional workspace incorporating the Activity-Based Working concept which gives employees the possibility to choose the environment according to their specific activity.

The TABOORET Studio has developed an eco-friendly design to meet the principles of sustainable development. It gives a fresh look at a workspace where modern norms and requirements intermix with the needs of society.


L’Oréal office Ukraine


BC "MAGNET", Velyka Vasylkivska st., 137-139

Total area:

1885 m²




The L'Oréal management team wished the new office interior to be in tune with the brand’s global strategy and express exclusivity. For that reason, the design was to incorporate the key four elements of the company’s corporate principles:

beauty, innovation, employee care and sustainable development.
The office of the beauty tech leader is located in the heart of Kyiv, in the ultra- modern Class A business center. The building is LEED Gold certified for the most efficient and sustainable design and construction practices.


The main project objective was to create an open space with a variety of workplaces and recreation areas. We wished to maintain a balance between the bustling metropolis outside the office window and the calm atmosphere within the office. Inspired by L'Oreal philosophy, the designer created minimalist interior design using soft colors with natural shades dominating.

To ensure the most efficient use of space a great deal of attention was paid to the zoning. An employee can be productive not only while working at the computer in the open space area. A conference room, auditorium, quiet room or a kitchen with a large table can be a good alternative for innovative thinking generation. Adaptive and well-planned design solutions help build quick connections within the team. We equipped the office with state-of-the-art office equipment, the 6th generation of WiFi, digital query kiosk, and a game room.

The office space has various lounge areas where one can recharge and relax during the working day. The central zone of the office hosts a mellow greenhouse which green flower compositions enliven the interior and improve the microclimate. Tine details contribute to the comfort so we decided to accompany the visual images with bird singing sound effects.
Next to the greenhouse is a cozy library, a perfect place to isolate and work in silence. A modern climate control system along with sound dampening solution help employees concentrate and not be distracted from their work.


The TABOORET team has managed to create a real office of the future - a workforce ecosystem with ideas floating around. Every corner inspires to active work and increases the productivity of employees who are absolutely in love with their work.

This project is about the creative freedom along with the balance between technology and sophisticated design preserved. The outcome reveals an innovative environment where sustainability is combined with comfort, and work and leisure are equally appropriate.

Conceptual design solutions have been implemented with the compliance of all the COVID-19 rules and restrictions. Inclusive design will provide the office with comfort and security where everyone would feel valued and heard.