About the project

We spent three days designing the office. The main goal was to create an atmosphere at home and make everyone feel comfortable. Using the space as efficiently as possible, it was decided to make the second floor.


The office


Kyiv, Ukraine

Total area:

75 m² + mezzanine




Going upstairs you can lie down on the sofa and take a break from the hustle and bustle what usually happens at the bottom of the space. Under the mezzanine there is a kitchen and a large TABOORET team meeting and dining table. For the first time a director's office appeared in the back of the office for negotiations with clients.


In TABOORET Furniture, we thought of functionality and spaciousness, designing and manufacturing all cabinet furniture exactly to the size of our folders and samples.

The color scheme of the office is specially selected so as not to distort the colors of the samples that we select for projects and not to be distracted by the color solutions around us.