Low-level monochrome interior in white-grey shades with bright accents. Calm cold tones calm and create a perfect home atmosphere to relax after a busy day.


Two-roomed apartment




Kyiv, Ukraine

Total area:

80 m²



The client

The project was created for a young family of programmers. The neon lettering "Bugs, hex & source control" refers to their profession, and the accent yellow color is dictated by the couple's hobby - the cult "Star Trek" series.


The kitchen is done in light colors with a contrasting dark countertop and window sill. In the niche to the left of the sink there is a microwave oven on a pull-out system.


Spacious, bright, concise. There is nothing superfluous in the interior of this apartment. 

The walls in the living room have been dismantled, the bathroom is separated from the toilet, and both balconies are insulated to create additional space for relaxation at any time of the year. In the large living room by the window there is a work area for two. A spacious closet is installed along the corridor wall.

All cabinet furniture was created specifically for this project by TABOORET Furniture.

Photo by Andriy Shurpenkov

Customer feedback

‘Working with Dan was seamless and fun. Dan's skill is that he aligns  cutting edge and practical design whilst ensuring the end result meets  the clients requirements...he listens! Working with Dan was seamless and  fun. Dan's skill is that he aligns cutting edge and practical design  whilst ensuring the end result meets the clients requirements...he  listens’

—Paul Tucker, Brighton East