Our mission is to fill your space with aesthetics, sense and functionality. We are always open to new knowledge and their application in practice.

Even more, we can step in at any stage of the work to help solve a particular point problem: from the selection of real estate to the manufacture of a kitchen.

So how exactly can we be of service to you?


The consultation helps to get to know each other and to clarify whether we fit together, think in the same way and whether we can be useful. Only with such a symbiosis, the work turns out to be fruitful and effective.

Design consultation

Consultation is needed at the initial stage when you have not yet decided whether you will do the repair yourself or trust the professionals. The head of the studio or the lead designer will work with you. Consultation can take place both on site and in the office of the studio. Consultation includes verbal recommendations regarding design solutions, style, zoning and the purpose of the space.

Repair advice

Head of the studio and the senior architect will work with you. To make the process as productive as possible, we recommend that you prepare in advance a list of questions that interest you. They can relate to construction solutions, finishing materials, the order of work, finding reliable suppliers and other important stages of repair. The consultation includes verbal recommendations for repair work. It will help you save the budget you might have spent on fixing bugs.

Real estate search and selection

When experts evaluate real estate, they take into account several important factors at once: wishes for zoning and the general purpose of the space, the time and cost of the repair, additional costs for electrics, repair of the screed, replacement of windows, etc. We work with partner companies of realtors as customer representatives.

The selection of real estate includes:

- several proposals for premises on the previously agreed terms of reference
- options for zoning space according to the needs of the client
- estimated time and cost of the object implementation
- risk assessment

Design project

A design project is a map for project implementation. The combination of graphic images, drawing diagrams and complex miscalculations in their totality give a clear understanding of what we will implement and how to do it.

Planning solution

Any interior starts with planning. This is the framework on which the entire project will be built. At this stage, the general zoning is determined, and on its basis a detailed floor plan of the room with all dimensions and sizes. You will get a measurement plan, a dismantling plan, an assembly plan, a floor plan with all dimensions, the placement of furniture and equipment, as well as a three-dimensional model of the object in 3D.

Interior concept

Interior concept development is a general design idea. At this stage, we select textures, colors and materials. It is here where the foundation is laid in building a harmonious interior. We work in the Scandinavian style, but we have identified several sub-styles based on it. While working on the concept, we will determine which is closer to you - a minimalistic design or a warmer natural design, perhaps a light classic? We will collect a selection of samples of materials and textures, as well as mood boards for style and general mood.

3D visualization and detailed design

At this stage, we execute a detailed study of the architecture of the internal space, created on the basis of the technical assignment, planning solution and concept. The output is a photorealistic image of your future interior. In addition, we can provide visualizations of the lighting design: how the interior will look during the day and night, as well as in dim and bright light. Besides, we can additionally create visualizations in VR360 format, so you can not only see photos in one level, but also take a full virtual walk through your space.

Drawing documentation

Based on the technical task and technical conditions of the premises, the design solution and 3D visualization, a package of drawing documents is created. It includes all the necessary diagrams, development, drawings and statements. For more complex projects, we additionally develop engineering projects. These include ventilation, heating, water and sewerage, electrics and more. You will get a full package of working documents, according to which you can draw up a detailed project estimate and an exact implementation schedule.


The realization of the project is the final stage in the design of the interior. The combination of graphic images, drawing diagrams and complex miscalculations in their totality give a clear understanding of what we will implement and how to do it.

Building works

We have a reliable team of construction workers who work according to the plans they know, do not ask unnecessary questions and are professionals in their field. And because time is the most valuable resource in the repair process our contractors are already filled in and we therefore spend our time doing the actual work and not on explaining technicalities. Cooperation between owners, construction workers and further service companies helps avoid conflict situations and significantly speeds up the process. Only with such symbiosis we can guarantee high quality and timely execution of the work.

The author's assistance

We will regularly visit the facility in order to timely check compliance with the project and control its aesthetic component. If in the course of work a proposal appears with a simpler solution, we will definitely discuss it with you. The author's assistance is required for regular on-site review of the project, approval of wall paints, decorative plasters, colors of finishing materials and other samples. After the visit to the site, a report will be generated in electronic form, which includes photo and video recording.

Packing list

In the repair, all parts are interconnected. We will not be able to select the color of the sofa without approving the color of the walls. To ensure that the construction site does not come to a standstill, all materials and equipment must arrive on time and on schedule. Spontaneous replacement of materials or equipment leads to design adjustments or inconsistencies in other materials. This will result in delayed deadlines and additional work on the construction site. Procurement reduces these risks to zero. When you work with TABOORET Development, you always get the best value on the market, on-time delivery and warranty services for the goods.

Production of furniture

80% of the interior is furniture and equipment. To ensure that all dimensions fit together and the materials meet expectations, we manufacture most of the furniture equipment ourselves in our workshop. Thus, you get individual products at the best price, which can always be adjusted by choosing the right material, while maintaining the conceived construct. Furniture makers and builders have been working in one bundle for many years, which makes it possible to speed up the implementation process by times. By the way, our furniture was highly appreciated at the exhibition in Italy, and it also flaunts in the interiors we have created in Amsterdam.


Even the most high-end designer furnishings will not look alive until they're outfitted with pillows, scented candles and flower vases. The Danish have a good word - hygge. This is a little more than just comfort. This is what the people of the North call a whole complex of sensations, which include comfort, peace and contentment. We will add the final touches to your interior so that it becomes the very same place that fills and energizes you.